Thursday, July 3, 2008

Las Vegas Truck Show

Me, Kalee, Mom, and Shelbi drove to Vegas for the truck show. My dad met us down there for a day. We had a blast. We did alot of eating, shopping and lounging. A great way to gain a few pounds and empty the bank account. Ha Ha. Shelbi was my pal for the trip....we did everything together. I love her. It was so hot I could barely stand it. It was miserable. We all had fun and it was good to get away with the girls.
Crazy interiors!

The parents!!!!!

Here is the water queen. She loves the water

The pirates truck.
our new driver

Some of the trucker girls put a tattoo on her, and she screamed. Kalee was thinking that she thought she was going to get a shot. We traumatized her for life.
For the little one.
The cutest girls at the truck show.

Big truck.

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