Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Well I finally graduated! WOOHOO! It was back on June 13th. I am a little late with the news. We had a great ceremony. I am so glad that day is over. The exit exam(the schools exam prior to sending my transcripsts)as prior to the pinning ceremony and it was dreadful. I didnt pass. Infact most of the class didnt. Only 8 out of 50 students passed. I eventually passed the second time. I am going to miss my friends that I got to see every day. Its not the same not going to class is kind of nice. I will be taking the NCLEX test( the state test) here in the next few months. I will keep everyone posted. Thanks for everyones support. I couldnt of done it with out you all. I have more pictures on my moms camera, so I will post them soon.

This is some of the girls in my class!

This is the gang! Jenney, Aubs, Amanda, Amy and Me. I couldnt of survived without them.

The cutest girls ever. We didnt plan the matching either. We just must think alike. Me and Shelbi. My little pal.
This is the whole class......with a few that may not of been available.


Kalee and Mike said...

Cute Pictures! I did not see you go outside to take those?

Marci & Matt said...

Congrats on the Graduation! That is awesome! You and your hubby are so cute together... and I love that I can keep tabs on you guys better now!! =)