Friday, August 7, 2009

Brandy's Wedding!

Me and Chad flew to Utah for Brandy's wedding on August 5th. To start off, I reliezed mid flight that I forgot the dress. Now how do you forget the main reason for the was really disappointing. Good thing I got it at Dress barn and they had the same size I needed. I was in luck. The 1 1/2 days I was home, was fun. The wedding turned out beautiful and got to see my family. The trip was short but worth it. There will be more pictures soon, once the photographer releases them. Here are some of mine.

Brandy and Dustin

Beautiful waterfall.

Me and Irma.......aka Leticia

The girlies......

Me, Chad and the Watkins girls....... chads nieces.

So precious

Me and Kasley
Just me again. I always have at least one picture of myself.

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Robison's said...

Wow, tell Brady congrats. That is awesome! Your house looks super cute too!