Monday, March 30, 2009

Yard updates!

Well, we have done quite a bit to the yard so here are some pictures. Not much has been going on here, just enjoying the warm weather and time spent together. Enjoy.

He hated that I made him do this.....

These are our little trees in the front yard.....very cute.
Chads curbing job. Looks fantastic

More trees Chad planted. He is quite the landscaper.

This is our back yard after we tore up all the weeds and old dead grass that was there before and planted the trees along the fence.
Chad and Pat laying the grass......Thanks. I helped some before I had to go to work

And the end result. It looks great and now we just have to keep it alive......with a huge water bill. Ha ha.


Kalee and Mike said...

Love the yard! Can't wait tell I can come see it.

Robison's said...

Wow, your yard looks great! That is our project this year for us too! Lots of yard work! Looks like it is pretty dang warm where you are! I'm jealous!

KM said...

wow, your house is looking really cute