Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Painting disaster!!

We wanted to do one of the bathrooms red and tan.....So we went and bought some paint. We got the tan down and now it was the reds turn. After painting some spots, it looked as if we threw blood on the walls. We tried to ignore it and was hoping we would start to like it, but nope, so Chad tried to lighten in with some white paint, not knowing that when white and red mix it makes a pink. So now we had a bit of pink. We were both so annoyed with it all we just painted it white. It was not a very easy mess to clean up. We couldnt finish it all the way until the next morning when the paint had dried. Total disaster.....and I dont know why I wanted to paint it red? But it turned out just fine.

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Marci and Matt said...

Your house looks so cute, and you guys have done a great job with it! Too bad about the red paint. We've been tempted to do that with one of our rooms but I am a chicken!
By the way... we are "thinking" of coming to San Diego before this new baby comes. We will for sure have to come see you!!