Wednesday, October 29, 2008

New upgrades in the house.

Here is just a few new pics of what we have done with the homestead so far.....and a few in the making. I will try to stay more updated. See ya

Just us.

Chad painting, I helped too.

More painting......

Our new couch.

Chads sister made us those letters.

our final paint job and our new t.v.

Chad ripping up the yard......its all dirt now.


Robison's said...

Your house looks so adorable. I painted my house 2 years ago and I am ready to repaint it! You guys look good and seem happy. Do you like it there?

KM said...

You have a good eye!I like the brown you used as an accent color.
We have not made any changes to our house, I can not make my mind up.

KM said...

hey, I made some changes to my blog, please send me your email to add you (so that you have access)