Sunday, September 14, 2008

It has been a long time!

I havent been doing very well with keeping this up to date lately! After a spending a week in a hotel and figuring out the paper work for the house we are finally moving in. It was a really long week. We got to start moving in on Monday......and since I have just been moving things in and trying to organize everything. I dont have the internet either so that doesnt help......except for the very low signal that I pick up in the top corner bedroom. Intersting I know.
So everything has been good so far......I started my job last week, its a big change from my Utah job....oh well. I love the residents. Me and Chad are doing well.....we basically started where we left off 1 1/2 years ago. Its been fun.
I posted some pics of the house and what we sorda have accomplished......not much. I will try to keep up. See ya.

Just me doing what I do best.....taking my own picture.....ha ha ha

The kitchen.....we just hung that fan...... Not my kind of work.

Chad just loves this thing....its right when you enter the house...

Chad cleaning the carpets.....not so happy that I am snapping photos of him.

This room is done for the most part.....just a few little things to do.

Still a bunch of unpacking and organizing to do.....

Here are some pictures and mirrors that we have hung.....many more to go. Good thing Chad knows what he is wouldnt of turned out this wat if I had done it.


Kalee and Mike said...

Looking good! That first picture just makes me laugh!!
We miss you! Hope that life is going good for you all!
Love you!

Robison's said...

Your house looks way cute! Where did you move to?

KM said...

Your house looks beautiful!
Good luck unpacking, we still have a few boxes left, oops!
I want to see you, lets get together!
Karla and Matt

KM said...

We are doing fine! Thanks for leaving comments in our blog.
We should go somewhere together "Philis" BBQ, Sarah loves that place and we want to try it.

RyKer And JeNnEy!!! said...

I really do love your new house! Congrats and thanks for letting me and my by come stay with you! Check out those disneyland pics and I will email you the rest! Love ya! (and your hubby too!)