Friday, July 25, 2008

Our Wedding!


Kalee and Mike said...

I Love these pictures!

Kalee and Mike said...

Thanks for the post! I remember so much with you. Some i don’t even want to say because it is embarrassing.

-Kissing the locker with lip stick (that is all i going to say)
-Taking fake pictures an the road and some guys came back wanting the picture back (that was scary)
-Taping ourselves on the microphone in Panguitch
-Playing with our troll dolls
-Talking every night about everything
-You jumping on the kellys tramp and you flying head first off onto the dirt. Ha ha
-Selling lemonade in Panguitch. Thinking we were going to sell some.

O my heck i could go on and on but i don’t want to type anymore.
Thanks for all you do Jacee! You are my best friend:) Love ya