Saturday, July 19, 2008

Lagoon Day

We had Lagoon day for Silverado. It was hot and we had a blast. We had the kids with us most of the time. Poor Bryanna couldnt go on many rides so we took turns going on rides with Ryker. He is dare devil. He loves roller coasters. It was so funny. Shelbi had fun too......she got to go on a few rides. She seemed pretty scared but never cried. She even went on the haunted house and didnt cry till she got out......cuz she probably saw that it was finally over. She was so fun. This ride was a kiddy ride but it tickled so bad.
The miniture boat ride.

The three had so much fun.
Shelbi looked quite scared on this one.....but made it thru.
Cheesing it up.......she was so fun.

This was the ride my mother didnt like and it was our favorite.
My mom about died on this was so funny.
If you cant tell she hated every minute of it. She never wants to go on it again. What mean childeren we are for making her go on it.

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